Weddings and Other Special Events

Gershon is has been making more appearances as guest performer in private events and parties throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Israel, South Africa... virtually anywhere there's a microphone... Memphis, Chicago, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Jerusalem, Capetown, Toronto, Miami, even in West Orange and New Rochelle! Gershon's now accepting more bookings for selected dates with Takanah or any of the many major orchestras in the locations he travels to. "Families, party planners and organizations have become more creative making weddings, bar mitzvahs and other affairs more unique, exciting and fun", he says. With a repertoire and style menu versatile enough for any crowd, Gershon joins the party and "works the crowd." Ask anyone who's seen him or hired him. Ask any caterer, party planner or bandleader that's worked with him. Better yet, feel free to check out some of his clients' comments posted here! For information on how to bring Gershon to your event, call 516-569-4949, ext. 150, or simply email your inquiry directly for an immediate response.

Upcoming Events

Digital Re-releases Coming Soon!

At long last, due to very popular demand, Gershon Veroba's first three albums, Man to Man, Sasson V'Simcha and Then & Now, will be made available through digital distribution (Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, AOL, BuyMusic, MusicMatch, MSN, Yahoo, etc. ). Man To Man, recorded in 1981, was the first major Jewish album to feature the performer playing every single instrument and singing every vocal & harmony (supervised by Ira Silber, z"l)...years before MIDI and digital multitrack made it possible to do this by computer. This album's hits included GV's own "Mimkomchah" and "Al Tirah." Sasson V'Simcha was recorded in 1988. Co-produced by first-timers Chaim Halbfinger (HASC, Neshoma, Suki & Ding, Sheya Mendlowitz) and drummer Yoichi Briskman (Shwekey, Metallish, Project X...) and guest starred Ken Gross, Yosi Piamenta, Yehuda Spinner, Sam (Shmoo) Klaver, "Bones" Malone and more. Includes hits like Od Yishoma hora and Shifchi as personally authorized and praised by composer and friend, Shlomo Carlebach, zt"l. Then & Now was a greatest hits album (on cassette only!) recorded in 1993 with fresh remakes of "Borchi Nafshi" and "Od Nagia," plus his other hits, like "Minyan Man," "Hand of Hashem" and others. When they're ready, then just go to your favorite download site and help yourself! Stay tuned.

Past Events

Jerusalem Day

In commemoration of Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) on June 1st and the Salute To Israel Parade on June 5th, Gershon Veroba performs a song composed by Moshe Yess, a”h, and Shalom Levine, the original Megama Duo that gave us songs like “My Zaidie” and “The Size of the Fight in the Man” (also known as “Little David”).

In this new production, Gershon honors his former roommates and remembers his friend, Moshe, in the best way possible…to celebrate the holy city.

The video features footage of Gershon performing the song in the studio with his friends, Gal Gershovsky and Bobby (“Shuby”) Shubowitz, as well as singing with his son, Abie. These four people comprise the entire production.

The photographs feature the Shubowitz and Veroba families in Israel, including one of Corporal Meir Shubowitz with his fellow Israeli soldiers at his EMT certification ceremony and another taken the moment Ali Veroba (Gershon’s daughter) first saw the כותל המערבי, the Western Wall of the Holy Temple.

“…Why don't you hop a plane, sing along, sing along with me...”

“ובנה אותה בקרוב בימינו”

“…and may we rebuild (the temple) soon in our days.”

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